• Kristina Baranowski

WHY I did it ...

I can almost pinpoint down to the day a fire got lit inside of me. That same fire is now a continuously fanned flame, forever changing shape but impossible to put out.

This fire is my desire to dream, do and become something that will leave a positive footprint, and if I am really lucky, a lasting impression on this planet.

It started a decade ago, I was fresh out of college and quickly learned I was not built for corporate America. This in itself was strange to come to terms with, as I graduated from my dream college of NYU with a degree in Economics and a grand plan to one day run Wall St.


There comes a time when it is imperative that you put aside the pressure of the expectations everyone in your life is holding up for you. When I was finally able to shake the "should dos" and replace them with the "want tos" my life quite literally shape shifted before my eyes.

The entrepreneurial adventure started at 24, I left my day job and opened a bakery at 25. I loved and ran this shop for five years before deciding "this is not it, this is not what I was put here to do." I quickly decided to sell the bakery and move on to things that had become relevant to my life and well-being.

Without the drawn-out details, my health plummeted, I was overworked, and I knew I needed change. I became certified in holistic health, and for the last two and half years, I have been morphing my "what's next."

Life 2.0 as I like to call it, started with co-founding a botanically-based skincare line, THE SACRAL HOUSE, with the sole mission being to empower womxn, while simultaneously providing them with the most transparent and clean ingredients you will find on the market. Plant-based, all-natural and empowering? Yes, more please.

Finding what is right for you, your path and the impact you can make on the world is truly a game of trial and error. If you're really lucky, you may get it right on the first try. I have an internal compass that really drives this ship. She is boss, she tells me when to jump at an opportunity and when to let it go. She has been my greatest discovery.

At 32, I am settling into what I know is right for me, and this time, I know it is sustainable and for the long haul. My joy lies in the simplest of things:


natural health

herbs and plants

helping others feel their best

It seems so simple, but it always boils down to, how do I make this matter?

I have a mentor that told me "where your passion, purpose and skill collide is where bliss resides." WHY Life is just that.

My passion and love for food runs deep, it always has and always will. My purpose is sharing the healing powers of holistic health and helping others learn how much of their health destiny is in their own hands. My skill is in business. I love it, breathe it and will never get tired of it.

The concept of co-creating (and being a part of) a mindful, purpose-driven community makes my stomach flutter with excitement.

Sharing my gift with this community coupled with the greater intent of the WHY Foundation, created to help fund the dreams of other womxn, just makes sense. I want womxn everywhere, no matter their age, race, gender, sexual orientation or life experiences to know that

their dream matters, too.