Why I practice yoga at home...

When the world came home, we took some of our most beloved activities with us. Zoom became the most popular destination for gathering with old friends, toasting a glass, and taking a yoga class. For many yoga practitioners, developing a home practice wasn't something that was at the top of the priority list because we loved our studios, they were like home, but then came the Covid-19 closures. The studio spaces that had become sanctuaries for healing, places to find a community, and an environment to feel open, vulnerable, and safe rolling around in each others' sweat were no longer available. Or so we thought.

The longing we felt for the energy of a packed yoga room came with real grief at times, but in that maybe we actually discovered a hidden gem. If so lucky to uncover this secret and experience this shift, you can resonate, or maybe this blog post will be the tipping point to see that new perspective. **Insert distracted thought train** 'Wait, you said secret, what am I missing?' ...Ok, we will go ahead and give you a hint...The hidden gem that you thought was this magical studio you found (not discounting that discovery and sacredness of it in the slightest) but it was actually in YOU all along, make that your mantra! Close your eyes and your will find that place of refuge, no matter where your mat is. Coming home showed us that WE have the power to cultivate the most sacred healing space, craft a connected community and soften into vulnerability safely rolling around in our own sweat IN OUR HOMES. Coming home became the greatest catalyst to strengthen our mental, spiritual and physical practice to levels we never knew existed.

Not there yet? We feel you. We still miss the studio spaces too. Many of us worked through some real challenges in those walls. But brick by brick, let's take those walls down in our mind that prevent us from being at home anywhere. The beauty of the breakdown is, someday we might get to have BOTH! A solid home practice, AND a return to studio life. In the meantime, we think the practitioners say it best. Gain some inspiration from real students, in this real time from business owners, government workers, toddler moms and more...

"Coming to the mat early in the morning before the craziness of work begins sets the tone for a productive day.  I love being able to practice on my own schedule.  My practice has grown stronger and having the spirit of Wheelhouse in my home is good for the soul!" -Christina S.

"I find myself laughing and talking to you [the instructor] just as I would in the in-person classes. I did my first crow pose for multiple breaths too!" -Elisa L.
"Over the past years, Wheelhouse has evolved to mean so many things to me.  It has become a space of love and grounding as I navigated the transition to becoming a Mom, a space of peace while balancing motherhood with my career as a professional Musician, a space for growth during my journey toward becoming Yoga Teacher and Birth Worker, and a space of clarity to follow my intuition throughout the pandemic as many of these things began to fall away.  The practice has allowed me to tune in and allow new and beautiful insights to arise.  This continuation of the WH community, outside of the walls of the studio space, has become place of refuge for me, where I can come exactly as I am, whenever is convenient for me (usually when my toddler is napping!)." -Jaely T.

And our friend Margie shared an in depth look at the process of letting go of the attachments to the outer, deepening the connections and gratitude, and finding home here...she also happens to be a published author! You can find her sweet motivational devotions in print here:

Why I practice yoga at home

Besides it being the right thing to do and paramount- essential, really; I do it because I learned how it can help me be joy amid all life brings and is.

I took yoga classes different places before joining Wheelhouse Yoga when you first opened.

I decided after retiring from teaching and finding my way doing other purposeful things, I wanted a stable spot to call my yoga home and one close to my actual home.

I learned much on the mat at Wheelhouse Yoga and just as importantly I learned what I could and should take off the mat out in to the world  - the idea of being love and light and recognizing good amid everything, even hard things and broken things.

Well, and then I forgot that.

Or pushed it aside.

Way aside.

Last late summer I moved to way upstate NY to temporarily live to help my son and his wife in the care of their three girls.

I was ready to do that and embraced it - though physically demanding day to day, it brought much happiness. 

What I was not ready for was how much my heart and soul would need re-adjusting and even a kick start and change in perspective - a word I learned so well from Wheelhouse Yoga practices! 

I yearned for what was or had been in my life in Northern VA where I had lived and loved for almost 25 years.

I was longing more than I was living.

I was not embracing and remembering the light and the good always there, I began to realize.

Then my daughter came to stay for a bit and she encouraged me to do yoga each night in our temporary home.

I began to let the light in, the good in, the joy exist alongside all. 

New folks I met became friends.

Forever friends from VA and elsewhere and family, too, kept showing up and remain constant joys yet and still.

I even visited Northern VA, and my first stop was Wheelhouse Yoga the morning after my first night in the hotel! 

Then coronavirus hit as we were beginning to move after our time in NY was complete.

It became even more necessary to do yoga and thankfully Wheelhouse Yoga provided great options!

My walk in closet in my temporary townhome in NY became an oasis for yoga and meditation practice.

And then my hubby and I made our trek to our home now in GA to be near our daughter who is here and our son and family and grand girls who have moved here, too!

And our lovely new home has a big closet perfect for in home yoga.

So, I now roll out my mat here and gratefully practice yoga and take in all the good, the light, and the joy it provides during session and when I go forward.

I learned that from Wheelhouse Yoga.

Take the light with you.

Remember it.

Share it.

Let it exist alongside the broken things and the blessings.


I remember better now to live rather than long as I go onward now.

Thanks Margie, we couldn't have said it better ourselves! So welcome home WHY family. We are a community, you have the power. The practice is in YOU. See you on the mat!